Deleted in history, the Philippines legally belongs to a single family

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Deleted in history, the Philippines legally belongs to a single family

Post  Admin on Fri Jun 17, 2016 11:58 am

Apparently, the Philippines belongs to a former Royal family and they had legal papers to prove their claims.
Many of the most popular and reliable personalities in the field of Law, Politics, and Governance are the witnesses of the ownership of our beloved Philippines.
Former Associate Justice Felix Macasiar, Antonio Baredo, and Hugo Guiterez were the justices who witnessed and attested the Certified True Copy of Land Title of the entire Philippines. Also, Late President Ferdinand Marcos, Former Senator Lorenzo TaƱada, Former Senator Claro M. Recto, Former Senator Jose Diokno, Former Vice- President Emmanuel Pelaez, Former Chief Justice Jose Yulo Sr, Virgilio Papa, and many political personalities attested such CTC.
To summarize this story, when the British defeated the century long reign of Spaniards. They sign the Treaty of Paris to stop the war and sell the Philippines worth of $20 million. Don Esteban Benitez Tallano is the one who paid for it with his US gold coins. That time, Titulo de Compra was converted to Torrens title in which one title would be above it.


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